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About us

With a wealth of experience in knitwear design for designer labels, I decided to launch my own brand “Kitted in Cashmere” in 2015. Being passionate about design I wanted to offer customers products that they would love to wear, that were skilfully made in top quality yarns, that were affordable and interesting!

I specialise in designs made by “intarsia” which is a very skilled knitting technique used to create patterns with two or more colours. Each colour yarn is inlaid separately and skilfully twisted to the adjacent yarn resulting in refined and colourful fabrics which remain beautifully soft. This technique is like painting which is one of my other great passions!

I also enjoy mixing different yarns together to create unique and unusual fabrics and love to experiment with different shapes and silhouettes.

I hope you enjoy wearing my designs and being “Kitted in Cashmere“

Helen Greene

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on 07767360841 or email me


We are exhibiting at several retail events throughout the year. Please look at our events page for show dates.

Refunds and exchange

All items purchased will be refunded or exchanged for an alternative item if returned within 14 days of purchase. Please note items must be undamaged when returned and exchanges will be made for an item of similar price.

Returns should be sent to:

Kitted in Cashmere

30 The Street




SN10 3QS

Tel: +44 7767 360841


Cashmere care

Our cashmere in both our pure and blended yarn is made from the softest fibres from cashmere goats that live in the hills and mountains of Mongolia. These goats grow the finest cashmere to sustain the harsh and cold climate and it takes one small goat about four years to produce enough cashmere for one sweater. If you take care and love your cashmere it will love you back. Due to the delicate nature please take care and your cashmere garment will remain as new. If the fine cashmere fibres are abraded with wear it may cause them to come to the surface of the knit. These fibres can be delicately removed with a fine razor or cashmere comb and this will cease with time. It is fine to steam your garment this will help the fibres to settle. Please wash cashmere and our cashmere wool blends delicately in cool water no more than 20 degrees or dry clean. Products can be spun inside a pillow case or garment bag in the washing machine and then dried flat. Never tumble dry.

Do not use fabric softeners or conditioners.

To prevent damage from moths always store your garments in an airtight garment bag and use cedar balls or other fine anti moth products.


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